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To expedite orders as soon as possible, please print this page and send with check or money order  to P.O. Box on form. You will receive an e-mail  confirmation.  T-shirts are good quality, USA-made, all cotton, white with black lettering:

                                                  I support an “Independence” film! 


My local T-shirt-maker requires 100 orders before he will print.  This first offering is a white, short-sleeve T, in adult size Large or Medium. Please check boxes on form: choice is words placed on the front or the back.  Special T design will be issued for donors over $500!



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I am making an extra contribution of  $_______ , or I want to help finance the boat replica

Thanking you so much, in advance!   adrianne@ theyachtmovie.com           



“Independence” T-shirt Order Form

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