The Filmmaker

Adrianne first began her creative endeavors as a writer and started filmmaking in 1995 ,when she was a Board Member of Women in Film and Video/New England.  She Produced a documentary about her father’s time in The Alaska Territory during WWII.  This journey took her and her family to Anchorage, Fairbanks and Healy Lake for a unique potlatch representing a regeneration of an Athabascan Tribe. The Two-part video, and companion book of letters, was distributed 1995-2002. ( If you would Like to help digitize and re-distribute  the final Director’s cut of this project, please contact Adrianne.)




From 2002 to Present, Adrianne has worked freelance as a writer for Imagine Magazine and as a background extra for various Hollywood movies—never appearing on-screen! She has also Volunteered her  time on several independent films, for food and gas money, to help out.  Now, it’s time for her to reach out to the NE Film Community and ask for help on her own project.

Recently, she joined the Mass. Production Coalition and maintains ties with the Berkshire Film and Media Collaborative.  She founded the (now-defunct) Berkshire Media Women group in Great Barrington in   1997, which co-sponsored a Berkshire Regional Woman’s Film Festival, pre-BIFFma. She is temporarily residing, and networking with creative companies in, the Pioneer Valley in Western Massachusetts.

Adrianne is concerned with the following health issues and disabilities:  Major Depression, PTSD,  Juvenile (Type 1) Diabetes, Dyslexia and Arthritis. Adrianne is disabled, and a client of the Mass. Rehabilitation      Commission. She hopes to participate in the Artists Beyond Challenges program for support for “The Yacht”. She has earned degrees in Anthropology and Architecture, and is the parent of a media specialist.





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