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If you are interested in the following;  sailing, wooden boats, sailing with disabilities, Persons with

disabilities, filmmakers with disabilities, filmmakers, women filmmakers, Independent filmmakers,

New England filmmakers, New England and NY stories, RI stories, 20th Century History, the Cape Cod

Canal, sea adventures, shipwrecks, the Coast Guard,  the Blizzard of ‘78,  Long Island Sound yachting,

The US/Boston Bi-Centennial, Tall Ships, love stories, Siberian Huskies,  Gloucester.. YOU CAN HELP!

1) ORDER A T-SHIRT! Click on  the link at the bottom of any page. Thanks!

2) Talk-UP THE MOVIE! On social media, with friends, with colleagues, yachts/sailors.

3)  SPONSOR ! One of the pages on this website!  Or the making of the film trailer!

4)  INDUSTRY PROFESSIONALS! And media studios—contact if you can work with deferments/scale

5)  ACTORS! work on the trailer, Summer 2014, food/gas money/credit.

6)  SAILING PEOPLE! pledge money to build boat replica! Or finance film

7) ORGANIZATIONS!  provide presentation space and accommodations for filmmaker

      at the following locations:  New Rochelle, Larchmont , Port Washington, + Northport, NY.

      East Greenwich, RI, also.  If you can help with local research, much appreciated! !

8)  ANGEL FINANCING ENTITIES!  Invest in the film “The Yacht” and Regional NE Film Productions.

9)  THEATRES!  Book screening events before public release or publicize  trailer! Need independent owners!

10) CROWDFUNDERS!  Donate money  or  When available, buy advanced tickets.





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