1906 Boat Replica

After contacting four New England wood boat builders in 2013, the best estimate for the replica of the boat would be $250,000.  This replica would be trucked to a studio in Massachusetts, or RI, to be used for interior shoots.  It will then be masted, and launched in    Narragansett Bay, on a railway, in the re-created 1906 scene. Original photos provided by the first owner’s son were acquired in 1979; the yawl, interiors and film shoot will be as accurate as possible. The sails will look like linen; all the rigging and lines will be as authentic as possible. The original “Independence” was gaff-rigged (see Home Page). If you can help fund this replica, or want more information, contact:                                        adrianne@theyachtmovie.com  or  acbwriter@yahoo.com


The intention is NOT to keep the boat but, rather, after  filming, sell to

individual or organization that can sail it and maintain it.  It was a

Classic yawl design by one of  Rhode Island’s best yacht designers !




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