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2014 Film Trailer

Shooting on the main feature film “The Yacht” will begin in 2015 and will end after all production money is raised.  All persons working on the film, cast and crew, vendors, will be paid! In order to raise awareness and funding, a movie trailer will be shot first, to be posted on YouTube and other sites—entirely financed by T-shirt sales and donations.  Need:

1 Production Assistant/continuity coordinator

1 Digital Editor

Cast : (cast will receive an allowance for costume elements—filmed from waist up)

*   Electrician and wife  (with baby doll), Caucasian ,can look  age 20’s (era 1906)

*   Single college-age yachtsman and Bride, Caucasian   (era 1919)

*   Wealthy Insurance Executive, 30’s and younger Bride, Caucasian  (era 1923)

*   Mysterious European male, 30’s, German/Austrian   (era 1925)

· Bonds-broker and wife, early 30’s, Caucasian    (era  1929)

· Spoiled brat male, 20’s, alcoholic, Caucasian      (era 1934)

· Shrewd Boatyard Owner,  50’s , Caucasian      (era 1935)

· Arty and lively NY Author/sailor,  40’s,  Caucasian    (era 1940)

· Thin, shy Architect , late 20’s, Caucasian (era 1976)  - may have to puff cigarette!

· Others, including “Coast Guardsmen”


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